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Just one of the Kaulitz's toys... (one shot!)

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1Just one of the Kaulitz's toys... (one shot!) Empty Just one of the Kaulitz's toys... (one shot!) on Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:04 pm


I was walking down the street minding my own business when out in the crowd there was a person. I knew exactly who this person was. It was Tom Kaulitz. A man I thought I’d only see in person in my dreams. But what was strange was that he noticed me looking at him and when he did, he started walking over to me. “Hey there!” He said to me with a smile. “Hi.” I replied. “So, I thought you looked pretty cute… Do you want to go for a drive with me?” What was I going to do? It was Tom Kaulitz for god’s sake! I might have never had this opportunity again! I HAD to say yes! “Sure! Why Not?” I said. He grabbed my hand in his and said, “Follow me!” He then took me to his car and I was SO excited to be going on a ride in freaking Tom Kaulitz’s car! We drove for what seemed like hours and talked about multiple things when suddenly he asked me, “Hey, this ride is getting kinda boring… do you wanna come back to my place and hang out?” “Yeah sure!” I wasn’t sure what I was doing or what I was getting myself into, but I had to agree. We got to his house that he shared with Bill and we sat on the couch in the living room and talked and talked. Suddenly, he started moving closer and closer to me. Normally I would be getting creeped out, but with Tom, it felt exciting and exhilarating and had I no problem with what was happening. He then got so close to me that we kissed. He slipped his tongue through my lips while I played with his lip ring with my tongue. He pulled me onto his lap while we were still kissing and I could feel he was getting hard through his jeans. The kiss started to get deeper and deeper and started to get more heated. That’s when I decided to take charge. I broke the kiss and started to take his shirt off. He could clearly see where I was going with this as he helped me take my shirt and bra off. We then took our pants and underwear off and that’s when it all started. I know I had promised myself to only have sex after marriage, but I felt so wild and so free that I was about to break any promise. Tom laid me down on the couch and kissed me. I could feel his hard self against me and to tell you the truth, it felt GOOD. Then the ultimate pleasure began. He was in me. I was always told that this was nothing special but being here now, I know that all those people were wrong. This, this right here is pure ecstasy. Suddenly, in the middle of it all, Bill Kaulitz, bare naked might I add, walked into the room. “Tom!” He exclaimed, still walking towards us. “You didn’t tell me we had a guest!” Now I was speechless. I’m already naked here with Tom, and now Bill walks in naked acting as if he’s going to join in! “Well now… she is quite the pretty girl… and Tomi, you know we always share…” He said with a wink and a devilish smile. That’s when Bill pulled me up from the couch, and gave me a look over. “Now let’s see what this girl can do...” He winked at me and I wasn’t sure whether to be scared, nervous or excited. Then Bill started kissing me. It was a wild kiss and I had thought of pulling away from him at first but the feeling of his tongue ring inside my mouth made me feel dizzy and light headed. Then, he passionately and playfully pushed me down onto the couch, but I landed on Tom instead. Bill looked like he had an idea so he shared a glance with Tom and I knew that he had agreed because a pleasure greater than I experienced earlier had begun. Bill on top of me and Tom below. This could only be described by me and my friends as a Kaulitz Sandwich. I would have giggled at the thought of it happening to me but the feeling was so good I could do nothing but moan. The pleasure was too much now. I screamed loudly, and then I felt done. Bill then collapsed on me which made me collapse on Tom. I don’t really know what happened after that, but I think I fainted because I was fully clothed in a new, bigger room which I guessed to be a basement. I went to explore it since it was dark, when suddenly I stepped on something hard. Then I saw a movement and saw it was a person, more importantly another girl. When she saw me, she yelled out, “Hey Girls! Looks like we’ve got some fresh meat!” Then I found out that the twins took girls, made love to them, and then kept them in the basement for when the twins wanted to play with them some other time. And that’s when I found out that I am just another one of the Kaulitz’s toys.

hahah it's a bit weird i know but it came from a perverted mind that reads perverted fan fics.... xD hope you all like! ^_^


That's REALLY good xD xD I really liked it- that was awesome.


Just one of the Kaulitz's toys... (one shot!) Idgougd

^^ 'Sure, he's a virgin' lol!

I LOVE you guys so much! Thanks for being here for me when I have needed you.

I am STILL married to my lovely wifey Sarah- 11/04/2009. I love you fur immer

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