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1NEW TWINS INTERVIEW!!! Empty NEW TWINS INTERVIEW!!! on Fri Sep 25, 2009 2:01 pm


Admin Tokio Hotel: The last bit of freedom (Translated)

Bill talks about love (again), album, and the accusations of him being gay.

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel are the musicians in the band's most successful in recent years in Germany. The interview talks about his lack of intimacy, of their new single and Angela Merkel.

Two years have passed since your last album. You had a good break?
Bill: We have not had a holiday, we were on tour in North America and spent nearly a year working on the album. But in this country, we hide a little.

Why say that?
Bill: I could see my face and not hear my name. I thought: "Please people, write about someone else." I wanted to have my peace and be able to concentrate on making music.

What's left of your life?
Bill: Nothing.

Are you?
Bill: Yes it is. We have no privacy. We can’t go eat ice cream with the family. The only time of day is that we are alone in the car. That's why I wanted to get a license. Our car is where we are left with some freedom.

But it seems a bit sad to say "Only in our car we can be ourselves."
Bill: Yes, exactly. This year, we were not on tour and were in the studio, it became clear just what we had given up. But I'd do it without thinking twice. For now, we know that we can not do both. We can only make one. Sometimes I'm in the studio to sing and think "Great, I receive more money for it." Besides, I'm quite happy. You need not do anything because I have no interest.

How do you spend your free time?
Bill: In fact, working. We laughed when we read "Tokio Hotel's machine." This is all bullshit. We have our team, but Tom and I do almost all sounds. We have people who are essentially our "tools" for us. But it's our band. Tom and I founded Tokio Hotel and decisions would not let the band take anyone else.

"Automatic" is the new single. What is this?
Bill: We use this word often, hundreds of things happen automatically in life. But not love. That should not be automatic.

However, many relationships work on autopilot.
Tom: Yes, I can not imagine being with someone for so long. In a way, I have a problem with long-term relationships and I think it is important that you should still be interesting for the other and the other also for finding something interesting in you. I can not imagine living with a woman.

In reality, no?
Bill: I can. When I'm in love, I do not care about anything else. Grab my bags and immediately directed me to another place.
Tom: Forget it, Bill. Let us live together the rest of our lives.
Bill: Yes, but then you have to put a sliding door in the middle of our apartment. I live on one side with my girlfriend and you in another.

It means that you share the same house?
Bill: Yes and I can not imagine anything else. We could never live apart. Each has its own bathroom and bedroom, but otherwise we are always together.

Bill, are you in love now?
Bill: No, but I really like. I'm tired of always giving the same answer. But right now there is none. I become passionate. But perhaps this is the last thing that will happen in my life.

Why do you think that?
Bill: Many people tell me I should know. But then I see that there are other things behind it. I can not wait for people to get involved seriously with me. If I go somewhere, people look at me like Bill Kaulitz. Some of them even have dollar signs in their eyes and always want to give something and say something like "I am a designer, you would like to wear the shirt that I designed?" It is so disgusting!
Tom: In our last four years we have become friends. Firstly because you can not trust anyone so fast and secondly, everything is always so fast that the majority of cases are superficial things.
Bill: It is seldom that we meet normal people. It would be great if I could meet someone who has lived for ten years without television, in the mountains and say, "Tokio Hotel? Never heard of them." Every time this happens I always think "Yes! Thank you."

Bill, many girls think they're not interested in them, but in boys. That bothers you?
Bill: No, it irritates me. That was something that always happened to me throughout life. And in school was no different.
Tom: And girls rarely think that Bill is gay. They have never had enough "bids" for him. No doubt the guys who would think he's gay.
Bill: And a lot of guys felt bad because he had a girlfriend and they do not. What makes me unmanly. But this was never a big problem.

The men have a chance with you?
Bill: No, I'm focused on women. I never did anything with a guy and have never had any experience.

... And do not want to go maybe one day "in that direction"?
Bill: So far I have no interest in going to that side * laughs*.

You also you have great success in the United States now. You are in a different way than in Germany?
Bill: Yes, first came to our music abroad and then the rest. In Germany, the story is different. There is talk of the Tokio Hotel singer, but at least listen to our music first.

Sometimes you feel pity if one day your career is over?
Bill: Hmm… Whatever happens, we ensure a long career and have shown much. At first, many thought that we would only have a little success. Anyway, I think there are always ups and downs. There have been times when our race went a little further down. If the album "Humanoid" is not successful, the next album will be successful. I will not surrender so easily.

What do you do with all your money?
Bill: If you want to be rich, you have to be a football player or race car driver. They win a lot of money. In the world of music is very exaggerated, there is always widespread speculation than we earn. Of the 30 euros for each ticket for a concert we received only a small fraction. But we also have costs. For example, filming in South Africa of our clip we who are funding. We also pay our entire team. These costs are extreme.
Tom: Bill and I have not bought a house, property, or a yacht. We rent everything.

Parliamentary elections are soon. Are you interested in politics?
Bill: I can say that we are usually concerned. We are not much in the issue, but in any case, we are not totally disinterested in politics.

Do you like Angela Merkel?
Bill: I do not want to influence anyone, but I think Angela Merkel is good at what she does. To date it has been a fighter. And, unlike others, she continues well. Acts as a loving mother.

Well, that sorts out that. Bill is not gay, and I'm glad to hear it from his mouth instead of all the others who make accusations about him. We must remember that we shouldn't believe everything we read in gossip magazines and online articles, if Bill can ignore it and not be bothered by them then so can we.



^^ 'Sure, he's a virgin' lol!

I LOVE you guys so much! Thanks for being here for me when I have needed you.

I am STILL married to my lovely wifey Sarah- 11/04/2009. I love you fur immer

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