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I need help with this talk thingy I'm doing "what singer inspires you the most"

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Ovbiously Bill Wink
I have to give a 5-10 minute speach about bill so I thought simply to ask you guys about him^^
1) I basically need to know ANY information you know about him
2) What TH music video should I play at the end (Really can't decide but I don't know if my class will want to hear them in german XD)
3) How you found them
4) How they have changed you life/made it better
And anything else you'd want to add ^^ Oh and for the song - something really meaningful
!!!!!!AND A YOUTUBE LINK!!!!!!! HQ if possible ^^
If you could do that I'd love you forever <3


Bill Kaulitz-Trumper is his full name, he is 10 minutes younger then his twin brother Tom, he's Allergic to Apples and mosquito bites. The first song he ever wrote was called 'Traurig' and it was about his pet mouse who had died. Tom had to sing it at the 'funeral'.

Spring Nicht- that video is so POWERFUL and has such meaning behind it. Try to find a version with English subtitles- It'll help your class understand that it's a Anti-Suicide song. Or just use Don't Jump xD xD

How I found Tokio Hotel? Well, I actually found Devilish xD I can officially say that I've seen TH live, even though it was so long ago I hardly remember ANYTHING of it lol.

Tokio Hotel changed my life for the better. After that one night, I was thinking about them all the time. Then, I heard nothing for a while. Suddenly- Durch Den Monsun, and I think 'Oh Gott I know that voice...'. Turns out- it was Bill. Then, I moved to the UK- not a single TH Cd to my name. I almost forgot about them until, one day- I saw a video- Ready, Set, Go. I could not believe how those little boys had grown up and how much Bill's voice had changed- and DEFINATELY for the better. My Dad bought me 'Zimmer 483'. Then, my late boyfriend died in a car accident. Devistated and with nothing to do, I decided to attempt to take my own life. However, one thing stopped me- Sping Nicht. I suddenly realised that Bill didn't want his fans being alone, depressed or hurting themselves, so I simply put that one song on and cried.

I will give a Youtube link To a Spring Nicht or Don't Jump video a bit later lol


I need help with this talk thingy I'm doing "what singer inspires you the most" Idgougd

^^ 'Sure, he's a virgin' lol!

I LOVE you guys so much! Thanks for being here for me when I have needed you.

I am STILL married to my lovely wifey Sarah- 11/04/2009. I love you fur immer

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