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Little plastic ring (14+ swearing)

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1Little plastic ring    (14+ swearing) Empty Little plastic ring (14+ swearing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:35 am


Chapter one

"Would you like the chance to have front row seats AND a back stage pass to see one of Germany's hottest bands?!" an announcer on the radio shouted. "One lucky listener will have the chance to see and meet Tokio Hotel live in London this Friday! Not only that but we'll be throwing in a ride there and a hotel room to stay overnight! All you have to do is answer this question. What other German musician does Bill Kaulitz like? We will be taking your answers at 7 pm tonight so stay tuned!"
"Nena. Wait, what?!"
My green eyes grew wide with excitement at the thought of seeing them live, no not just live but meeting them! My family doesn't have a lot of money so going to London would never be possible.
"Damn, they didn't say the number to call" I groaned, as I ran towards our dinning room. "Fiona! I need to use the computer for 2 secs…please?"
Fiona is my half sister, my dad died when I was 4.
"Why…?" She asked
"I, uh, need to look something up for college."
I knew that if I told her the truth she'd run to Mum and then zero chance of me going to London for a night.
"Well okay, but make it quick." She yelled as she walked towards the kitchen.
I quickly went to Google, typed in the radio stations name and found the number to call. Just in time too, my step dad put his head round the door way.
"Akemi, Dinner's almost ready, could you set the table?"
Yes, my name is no ordinary English name. When I was born my real dad was obsessing over everything Japanese, and so I was given a Japanese name. He said I was bright and beautiful which just so happens to be "Akemi".
"Sure, I'll get right on it" I answered hiding the number.
I looked at my watch, ten to seven. Shit. I quickly jogged to the kitchen and opened the cutlery draw. I grabbed a load of random knives and forks, dumped them in the places we sat and ran upstairs. I typed the number into my phone and saved it. I turned the radio on and turned it to full volume.
"All right, we've been saying this all week and now's the time…" As they explained all the rules and the question again I had my mobile at the ready.
"Akemi! Dinner's ready!" My Mum yelled.
"I'll be down in a minute!" I answered.
"We will be choosing one random caller. Start calling…now!"
I pressed the call button on my Mobile and hoped to death that I was the caller, and guess what happened next…I heard Bill's own voice on the end of the phone.
"Hello?" He said.
"Hi!" I almost squealed, but I held it back.
"What's your name?" I could tell he was smiling by the way he was talking.
"I'm Akemi Falkland!"
"What do you think the answer to the question is?"
"Question? OH! Yeah! Nena is my answer" I remembered mentally slapping myself.
There was a short while of silence and I just took it as adding to the suspense.
"I'll be looking forward to seeing you next Friday!"
"Oh my God! Yeah, um see you there!" I said and I started to jump on the spot.
Some other person asked me for my details and I happily gave them.
I screamed. I didn't care who heard I just had to let it out. Nothing was going to ruin my bad mood, that was of course until I went down for dinner.
"What took you so long?"
"Why did you scream?"
"Your dinner's cold now, if you want it re-heated you'll have to do it yourself."
My parents started to bombard me with questions, I just snapped.
"I'm going to see Tokio Hotel next Friday in London!"
My parents looked at me with shock. Never before have I ever shouted at my parents.
"And where do you suppose the money is going to come from?" My Step Dad asked.
"From the Radio station I just won to see them?" I said with the cheesiest smile.
I explained everything to them from the car picking me up to it taking me home.
"No! Absolutely not! You are not going to London by yourself! Besides you have college that day." My mother yelled
"I'm not your little girl anymore! I can do things for myself!" I shouted.
"While you're under my roof you are still my little girl and you will do as I say!"
"Why can't you ever be reasonable?!" I felt tears well up in my eyes so I walked to my room before my voice started to shake."GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled.
I brushed my white blond hair with coloured highlights out of my face.
I looked at the ring my dad gave me before he died, he bought it off a stall in Devon. Made of hard plastic, white with 3 hearts painted on. He told me to keep it until it would fit around my finger, wear it until the one day I find the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and give it to them.
If he was here he'd understand.

Tell me if you like it! ^^

2Little plastic ring    (14+ swearing) Empty Re: Little plastic ring (14+ swearing) on Sat Sep 05, 2009 3:49 am


0.0 love it! can't wait for more! Smile i hope she gets to go!

3Little plastic ring    (14+ swearing) Empty Re: Little plastic ring (14+ swearing) on Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:02 am


Chapter 2
I woke up the next morning, my throat croaky, my eye's swollen and bloodshot and my hair sticky with the salt from the tears I just couldn't stop. Being unable to sleep gave me a lot of time to think and a lot of time to listen to the music I may not hear on Friday. But do you know what? I don't care anymore! This is one of the best things that has happened to me in a very long time, no way am I going to give it up.
I got my dressing gown on and went down to breakfast as usual. I knew my mum would not bring up arguments from the night before, she hated conflict.
"Good Morning, Mum." I said as I walked into the kitchen
I got some Frosted Shreddies out of the cupboard and filled them to the brim of the bowl, I never did have a thing for milk. If it was sweet verses savoury I'd pick sweet. Not that it matters anyway, this is the only sugar covered anything I'm allowed to have. Step dad – he's a dentist. Sugar is almost banned, fruit is allowed but you know, acid erosion.
My mother gave me a sign she knew I was here but said nothing. Great, the silent treatment.
I took my bowl of Shreddies to my room and got ready for college. I wore a red tank top with a long black cardigan and a pair of jeans. I stuffed my bag with everything I would need for school that day and left for college. Unbeknown to me a lot of people listened to the radio yesterday and It wasn't until my closest friend Bell told me I was being glared at did I notice.
"You know you shouldn't act like such a fan girl on the radio, people do listen." Bell told me.
"Yes I know that, but I just couldn't help it you know? I mean it was freaking Bill! If it had been the announcer I probably wouldn't have been so excited…until I won" I smiled at her
"Oh! That reminds me…I wondered who you were going to take with you."
"How did you know I could take anyone?"
"I have my sources" She whispered
"Well at this point I'll be lucky to even go! Parents."
"Enough said. But if they change their mind…" She said with wide eyes
"Yes I'll take you, IF they change there mind"
"YAY! I love you!" She squealed happily "I can finally possibly meet my inspiration and future lover Tom! Which reminds me, I have Repertoire Development next so I need to get my guitar"
"Okay well see you later"
After that the week seemed to drag by, Friday seemed so far away. My Mum had started to talk to me again but I was still very angry. We'd had many arguments over the week all ending in 'Akemi, you're not going, and that’s final!'
Friday morning, the morning that could change everything. I got up and did my whole morning routine, went downstairs stood in front of my mum. She knew what it meant.
"No. Now go to school."
I sighed and walked away without another word.
As I went out the front door an idea I had thought of on Wednesday came back to me. It was risky but what's life without risks?
I went to Bell's house before even attempting to walk in the way of college as I knew she didn't have any classes today. I knocked on the door and waited a while, nothing. I knocked on the door louder but still nothing. I got out my mobile and rang Bell's number.
"Hello?" Said a groggy voice
"Bell get your butt out of bed and open the front door!" I yelled down the phone.
"Wondered who the twat knocking on the door was" she laughed down the phone.
"Love you too." I said as she opened the door.
Her pink/red hair was a mess and she was wearing some check pj's. Her light blue eyes barely staying open, she gave me a questionable look. Bell was not a morning person, or she wasn't until I said this…
"Pack your overnight bag, 'cause we're going to London!"

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