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The Fangirl, The Rocker And The Wardrobe [CRACK FIC] !! CHAPTER 2 IS ON !!

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Chapter 1: Pilot

She was so nervous. She was going to meet her favorite band. Everything was planned well; nothing could hold her from them. She could hear the music coming from the stage. She passed some staff there, saying that she was Snoop Dogg’s sister. (And couldn’t believe that they actually believed her.) They tried to take her to Snoop’s room, but she said she had some works to do first, and they let her go. Now she was worried about Tokio Hotel’s security. If all of the security people were that dumb, the boys were in a great danger. What if a girl attempts to rape Bill? She would easily get him in her hands telling the guard that he was her son, and she needed to take him to school because his teacher called and told her that he was absent from the class for a few years. She stopped thinking these things when she hit to a door. It was written “Tokio Hotel” on it. She pushed the door, praying for it not to be locked. (And holding her forehead and praying for the pain to go away quickly.) Fortunately, it wasn’t. The door opened easily and she stepped in the room when she heard the last notes from the stage. She closed the door and looked around. The room was a real mess. There were chocolate bar packets, Playboy magazines and some clothing on the floor. She heard some footsteps coming closer and hid into an old wardrobe. She could see outside from the key hole. The door opened and some people came in. She was about to die from a heart attack, these were them!
Georg threw himself onto a couch and opened a beer can.
“What a show,” he said. “I think it was the best so far.”
“Agreed,” Gustav replied, and sit next to Georg, taking another can.
“You better dry yourselves or you will not manage to attend to the next concert.” Tom said and took a towel.
They were all wet, but still happy and excited because of the amazing experience they have just had. Well, they weren’t all happy. Bill was bitching around. He unzipped his pants.
“Fuck, these zips itch so bad! To look cool is really painful, Tom. You should keep looking like a homeless, it’s way better.”
Tom gave him the finger. Bill was bitching about Tom’s style too, just like how he did about everything else. “You look pissed off, man. What’s wrong?” Georg asked. “Yes, I’m pissed off! Because, I’m all wet, my favorite jacket has lost it’s sparkles because of the water, my hair is fucked up and it will take years to redo it!” Bill answered with a high pitched squeaky voice. Tom was laughing his ass off. “What’s so funny?” Bill said.
“You look so funny saying girly stuff like that in your boxers.”
“Really? Whose idea that was?”
“Mine” Tom answered, smiling.
“You are soooo annoying!!” Bill shouted and walked to the wardrobe. She hold her breathe and backed off a little. Bill opened the wardrobe, and his eyes opened wide. He managed not to scream, and said “Guys,” with a terrified voice.
“What now?” Tom answered. “Is your nail broken?”
Gustav and Georg laughed.
“No,” Bill said. “There is a fangirl in my wardrobe.”

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aren't you posting this on deviant? cause im sure i've read this one before....


yeaah I do lol


no wonder! lol


Wow awesome! I like it so far- more soon pleasies!! xD


Coming for Helz!^^

Chapter 2: It’s Dangerous To Ignore Bill

“Yes. She is staring at me.”
“ Man, you’re not funny. I don’t want to remember the stuff happened when we last found a girl in our hotel room.” Georg said.
“Well I can remember it...” Tom said with a large grin.
“She was there for Bill, Tom. Not for you.” Gustav replied.
“Yes, she was there for me.” Said Tom, but his grin left it’s place to a pout.
“Hey. I’m serious! I think she is in shock.” Bill was trying to draw their attentions.
“She wasn’t, dude. She attacked Bill when we entered the room. Don’t you remember?” Gustav said, ignoring Bill.
“Ahahahah yes,” Georg answered. “I can remember his face when she jumped on him.”
“Hey!” Bill shouted. “We need to take her to her parents or friends or whoever she was with!”
“Nah, I believe she attacked the first band member she saw.” Tom replied.
“Yeah. Exactly.” Gustav said. Georg laughed.
“CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BLOW ME BECAUSE I’M SO HARD RIGHT NOW!” Bill screamed. A deep silence followed his sentence. All of the boys were looking at him. “Finally.” Bill said. “You forced me to do it.” Tom had a real disappointed expression on his face. “What?” he said. “What’s with the imaginary fangirl hiding in your wardrobe?”
“It’s not fuckin’ imaginary!” Bill screamed. “Bring your fuckin’ asses here!”
It meant danger when Bill started to use the word “fuckin” before all of the nouns in his sentences, so they stood up and got there.
“Oh.” Georg said. “Is she okay?”
“I donno.” Bill said. “Like I said, she could be in shock.”
She was looking them with wide opened eyes and a wide opened mouth like she was paralyzed.
“She isn’t even crying.” Tom said.
“Yeah.” Gustav looked like he was really scared. “Is she… dead?”
“What!?” Tom said.
“I don’t know, man! It’s the first time a girl looks at me like that.”
“She’s not looking at you. She’s looking at me.” Bill said.
“Great.” Georg said, sarcastically. “We really needed a Bill-lover fangirl.”
“Can you please stop it?” Tom shouted. “You are giving me a headache.”
“Oh really? You know what? I don’t fuckin’ care about your fuckin’ head! There’s a fangirl here, and she’s probably about to die because of my uncontrollable hotness-” Bill stopped for a moment. He looked like he remembered something. “Where the hell is Saki, by the way?”
“I don’t know.” Tom said. “He wouldn’t be helpful if he was there, though. He has fans too.”
“Anyway, you’re not that helpful too!” Gustav shouted. “Let’s take her out of the wardrobe.”
“Right.” Georg said. But nobody moved.
“What!?” Bill said. “You guys are the muscular ones.”
“Oooh right.” Tom pouted again. “Billa the Delicate runs away from the work once again!”
“Shut up.”
“You shut up!” Gustav shouted. He reached for the girl and held her hand. “Are you okay, sweetie?” he said with his nicest voice. She nodded. “Great, stand up then. I’ll take you to the couch.” She could hardly stand up. She was still looking at Bill. Gustav made her sit. “You sure you are okay?” He was still worried. She parted her lips to talk, but she couldn’t. She squawked instead. Bill went there and sat down next to her, put his arm around her shoulders and took her hand. “Just calm down a little, honey. You want an autograph?” He said.
The fangirl fainted.

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The Fangirl, The Rocker And The Wardrobe [CRACK FIC]  !! CHAPTER 2 IS ON !! 1010811zxqchqdtxnThe Fangirl, The Rocker And The Wardrobe [CRACK FIC]  !! CHAPTER 2 IS ON !! 1010811zxqchqdtxnThe Fangirl, The Rocker And The Wardrobe [CRACK FIC]  !! CHAPTER 2 IS ON !! 1010811zxqchqdtxn


Echy wrote:


LMFAO *dead*


The Fangirl, The Rocker And The Wardrobe [CRACK FIC]  !! CHAPTER 2 IS ON !! Idgougd

^^ 'Sure, he's a virgin' lol!

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