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Spring Nicht. Stand alone (short story) Sad, BMD, for 12+

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Bill sighed sorrowfully as he stood on the edge of the skyscraper, his tears cascading down his cheeks as he clutched his phone in his hand. His brown eyes read that text several times over and over, each time tugging his heartstrings and tempting him to throw himself forwards and onto the dirty grey sidewalk below. ‘I don’t love you anymore’ was all that one fateful message read, and it was from the one woman Bill had genuinely loved. “Lisa...” He moaned sorrowfully into the night, looking upwards at the stars as they glistened so many miles away. Bill felt another tear trickle down his right cheek as he looked down at the crowd that had gathered below. He could see news reporters, and instantly knew what they were more than likely saying. But none of it mattered anymore....Not without her in his life. That text was the last thing she had sent him.....The last thing before she had vanished off the face of the earth. Bill couldn’t get through to her on his cell phone, it always said her number was not recognised. She never replied to any of his texts, so he just assumed that she didn’t want to know anymore. She never even told him why...

Tom was glued to the television set the second the reporter had mentioned Bill’s name. “Now- as you can see, viewers at home, Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of the popular German band Tokio Hotel, is stood at the very top of the building behind me, on the Chicago run of their SECOND American tour. Police have tried to talk him down, but they have told us their attempts have been futile.”
“Bill...” Tom whispered, grabbing his keys.
“Somehow, he has gotten to the roof of the Skydeck Tower. I’m sure you viewers are wondering......”
“That’s all I need to know thanks...” Tom grabbed the remote, and put his hotel room television on standby. The screen faded to black, and Tom stared at it for a few seconds before grabbing his car keys from the coffee table and stuffing his room keys into his pants pocket.
“The Skydeck, eh?” He looked out of the window, down onto his dirty Audi, and sighed. “Then that’s where I’m going!” He pulled on his white hoodie that was hanging over the back of the couch, and rushed to his car.

Bill looked down at the crowd below, the police yelling up at him through a megaphone not to jump, and that they were sending someone up to talk him down. But it was all falling onto deaf ears- Bill was determined to end it all right here and right now. His life had no meaning anymore- the band, the fans.... It all meant nothing without Lisa for him to come home to. The number of times he had walked into his empty house, cheerily shouting ‘I’m Home!’ as he usually did when she was there. The number of times his mood had instantly fallen when he received no reply and remembered she was gone. The guys knew he’d been upset she’d left him like this, and the fans knew too. “She’s gone....I can’t do this anymore....” Bill started thinking about the fans and about how many of them would possibly kill themselves because Tokio Hotel would be no more. “I’m sorry.....” Bill whispered, bowing his head and closing his eyes tightly as he shuffled forwards a little bit more....

Suddenly, the screeching of tyres filled the air, causing Bill to look over at the vehicle that pulled up at speed. The driver practically leapt out of the car, and the second he looked up at the younger man, Bill recognised the dreadlocked blond in a heartbeat. “Tom...” he whispered, closing his eyes and looking to the left, away from Tom. On the sidewalk far below, he could hear the police telling Tom he couldn’t go past that yellow tape Bill recognised from TV. He could hear Tom’s protests, and sighed, shuffling forwards a bit more.
“BILL!” Tom yelled, causing the younger man to look down at the crowd, that had considerably grown in size since the last time he had dared to look down.
“DON’T DO IT MAN!” Tom’s voice sounded so sorrowful, and so concerned, Bill was immediately tempted to step down and run to his friend to tell him everything was going to be alright. However, the thoughts of Lisa ran through his mind again, and he remained firmly rooted to the spot. The calm, still air relaxed and soothed him slightly, and he tilted his head back to avoid the stares of the people below.
“BILL! I’M COMING UP TO GET YOU!” Tom yelled through the police megaphone, causing Bill to gulp. Of all the people in the world, he didn’t want Tom here. Or Georg or Gustav for that matter. It was almost certain that his twin would talk him down, a thought that made Bill shuffle forwards just a little bit more. Suddenly, he lost his balance and found himself wobbling on the spot. “BILL!?” Tom cried, running through the police tape and into the SkyDeck Tower. The crowd gasped below, almost in unison, and Bill heard someone in the crowd scream as he almost toppled forwards. Somehow, he balanced himself and stood once more on the ledge of the roof...

Tom ran, his breath coming out in gasps as he charged up the seemingly endless flights of stairs. The elevators were out of order, and besides- they were slow and didn’t go to the roof. The stairs were the only option. Tom stopped for a few seconds, just to catch his breath all-be-it temporarily, before he began charging back up the stairs once more. “Bill...” he gasped, his lungs crying out for him to take in bigger breathes. However, Tom was too concerned for his brother to stop for too long, and he continued running up the stairs as if his life depended on it, which in a way it did. If Bill died....Tom would have no-one he really cared about anymore. Bill didn’t know... ‘And maybe it’s time he did know...’ Tom thought the thoughts of Bill being dead forcing him to continue, even though the stitch in his side was almost unbearably uncomfortable.

“BILL!” Bill turned around at the mention of his name, and saw a red-faced and tired Tom jogging towards him.
“Bill...You don’t have to do this....”
“I know dude...I know...” Tom edged closer slowly, and reached his arm out to his twin. Bill looked over his shoulder, and turned himself around carefully.
“Tom...Why are you here?”
“Because...I can't live without my twin...."
“Tom....” Bill’s voice was relatively soft compared to the roughness of it a few seconds ago and Tom flexed his fingers as if beckoning his brother to take his hand.
“Please- we can forget all this....Just, take my hand and give it a chance....Don’t jump -please...”
“Bill- Please...” Tom extended his arm further, and Bill slowly reached towards him.
“Tom... WHY?! WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO SUFFER LIFE WITHOUT HER!!!” Bill shouted, pulling his arm to his chest. He lost his balance for a few seconds, Tom jumping forwards and grabbing his jacket. “LET ME GO!” Bill shouted into his twin’s face, causing Tom to step back in shock.
“Bill....Please...” Tom felt tears unwillingly trickle down his face as Bill positioned himself.
“Tom- It’s too late to save me...and you of all people should know that. Tell the fans I’m really, really sorry.....But this was my only option...”
“It’s not! Bill bitte... Spring nicht....”
“Es tut mir leid, dass ich das tun muss...” Bill leant backwards, his body plummeting to the ground like a stone in water.
“NIEN!!!!” Tom cried, leaning over the edge and reaching out helplessly as he watched his brother crash onto the sidewalk, a loud cracking sound indicating the brunette’s skull, and several other bones, fracturing. Tom charged down the stairs once more, and was shocked to find Bill’s body in the way it was. There was a pool of blood seeping from the younger man’s head, the blonde streaks in his hair staining a dark crimson. Tom collapsed to his knees, his whole body shaking in sorrow, loss and shock. “Bill...” he reached out, and placed a hand on his twins shoulder slowly and sorrowfully. Tom let out a loud moan of anguish as he realised that Bill..... Was dead....

The End.


'Es tut mir leid, dass ich das tun muss' means 'I'm sorry that I must do this'


Helz!!!!!!! D:

My eye make-up's all down my face now!! >____<
That was sooo sad!! Crying or Very sad
Really well done though Sad
You're a really good writer. =]

*lip quivers* No
Me no want Billa to die =[


Aww I'm sorry! *hugs loads*

And thanks- but I don't think I'm that good an author xD


haha i'm a bad author! ur a great one!


Aww thanks, Susan! Smile


ur welcome!


It means a lot


Did you send that to me on te official forum one day??
Either way its really really good, very sad though =(


jaa Sad I very nearly cried... but couldnt cause my cousin was in the lower bunk bed so she would've heard and wondered what was up Razz

but yeah! very very good!!!


SarahSabotage_xo wrote:Did you send that to me on te official forum one day??
Either way its really really good, very sad though =(

Yeah i did. And you sent me one of your fanfics lol xD

Thanks guys- glad you like.

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