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Share your song lyrics!!!

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1 Share your song lyrics!!! on Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:03 pm


Now, I had a dream that Bill and Tom sung this song, and the lyrics are stuck in my mind pretty permentantly. So- I'm sharing them! Enjoy

T: My heart is hurting beyond words,
The pain is tearing up my soul,
These days have seen my spirit die,
My life propelled out of control,
My wounds lie naked to the world,
My depth of suffering exposed,
This damaged past can never heal,
Until this nightmare book is close.

B: My hearts is hurting beyond words,
The pain is tearing up my soul,
please tell me how can I retrieve,
the life that all this sadness stole?
I never dreamed at any barriers could rise,
or that I'd ever see the stranger in your eyes,
I never thought that we'd ever become distanced,
Or that the trust we had would go...

And that was one of them (C) ME! obviously. Post your song lyrics here! Go on- I dare yah! lol

2 Re: Share your song lyrics!!! on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:16 am


here are these lyrics i wrote when i had to write lyrics with friends during my music class in Italy, and we couldn't decide on a topic and in the end we decided to write one on how hard it is to write a song... lol and here's what we got(prepare your self for lame lyrics...):

All the guys on MTV always seem to get it right
What are we doing wrong, its just not worth the fight
*something i cant remember* it can't be that hard
*something else i cant remember* let's try to write this wro-o-o-ong!

Chorus; And I dont know, what we can do
And I don't know how we'll pull through
But I know we will make it in the end somehow
At least i hope so...

and i dont remember the that's lame, isnt lol!

Credit to: Lucinda Smart, Chantelle Gardiner, and Me! (oh, and Helz, those lyrics are great! I can so see the twins singing it!)

3 Re: Share your song lyrics!!! on Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:34 pm


Your lyrics were great! I like!

And thanks xD

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